Three words: LUKE! CAGE! TRAILER!

"I'll never get tired of seeing a bulletproof black man."
-executive producer Cheo Coker

Start the Day right w/ Pharoahe Monch, Busta Rhymes, Redman, Method Man, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Lady Luck

If you like Eminem but you don't like Pharoahe Monch... Well, I'm not gonna say you racist, but you got some 'splainin' to do.  Anyways, here's a all-star mostly-star posse remix of Pharoahe's classic jawn, Simon Says...

The upcoming Genndy Tartakovsky comic CAGE points to serious opportunity for MARVEL

 Y'all already know we love Blaxploitation era Marvel super hero LUKE CAGE (we did a tribute issue of the magazine dedicated to him after all...).  We also fux with visionary animation heavyweight Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory).  So rocking with this new miniseries CAGE is a no-brainer...

Cage and Fist #6 comes out this week, so I guess I should figure out what Civil War II is about...

My two biggest pet peeves about buying mainstream comics are Fill-in Artists and company-wide Crossovers, and wouldn't you know the latest episode of my favorite Marvel comic is burdened with both.  Hashtag AintThatAbitch.  You're lucky my dude David Walker wrote you, Cage & Fist #6, or you better believe I would gladly leave your monkey ass in the store...

Check out this 10 page preview of THE MIGHTY ZODIAC #4

Oni Press's anthro martial arts epic The Mighty Zodiac returns to comic shops this week with issue 4.  I got a whopping 10 page preview for you below.

This chick Katie Longua is SICK with the comics, friend! SICK, I SAY! #SHEGOHARD

(Morpheus voice) No one can be TOLD how dope Katie Longua's comic Munchies is.  You must see it for yourself.

#WednesdayWebcomic of the Week BOUNCE! by Chuck Collins

 This week I wanna spotlight BOUNCE, a fictionalized semi-biographically inspired webcomic by talented and hardworking cartoonist Chuck Collins. Chuck uses his hefty drawing arm to wrangle the tipsy  and entitled at a New York bar to pay the bills, then turns it into comedy gold...

"I'm sick wit this. I'm miserable. Living with this is difficult..." @MenaceTheDJ

"I need to find another place that's more livable.
Maybe another Planet.  I hope it's Digable..."

New Character art for @KingsCountyComics !CAUSALITY! by @SamaxAmen

Here's a character art piece I did for the fine folks at King's County Comics of their sidekick and future archvillain !Causality! (yeah, his name includes two exclamation points)...

"All you need is within you.The legacy continues. My spirit will not die. It's like the Force that's in the Ginyu"

Whaddup!   So thankful for good art and music to inspire me on my level-up mission.  Will to Power, the 2015 album by New Jersey emcee Venomous2000, has been lifting all boats around here lately. 

#WednesdayWebComic of the Week-- THE IMMORTAL NADIA GREENE by Jamal @_pryce14 Campbell

 Holy CRAP! Our friends at SuperheroesInColour dropped a tweet yesterday linking to this webcomic that blew my mind: The Immortal Nadia Greene by Jamal CampbellNadia... Nah.  I ain't even gonna tell you.  Peep...

"I love science fiction, hip-hop & sports. This project has all three in huge quantities." -@KharyRandolph

 We've been following Khary Randolph's career for a minute, and it looks like 2016 marks a serious level up year for this gifted comicbook artist.  Randolph is co-creating and drawing an ongoing Marvel series MOSAIC, a spinoff of Uncanny Inhumans, that's dropping this fall.

PREVIEW: "SHAFT: Imitation of Life" #4

Yeah, you want to look at this SHAFT: Imitation of Life preview right quick?

"I ain't stressin' no depression. I'ma learn to rejoice. The world is overcome already, I'm just usin' my voice..." -Krum

Currently at the library bumping that Bare Knuckle Gospel, a fine example of Dallas hip hop from Krum (the artist formerly known as Playdough) and the mighty deejay Rob Viktum, in my headphones.  I'm listening to it for the first time right now, and really enjoying it.  I'm not sure when I will have time to properly review it, so here you go:

Respect the Architects: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Spanish master comic book artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez moved comics forward with realistic anatomy, brilliant layouts, and attention to detail. He helped define the DC standard look for generations.

You probably had his art on a t-shirt or a lunchbox or a pillow case as a kid.

Preview some new pages from the incredible wrassling comic BAMN!

My man Troy-Jeffery Allen sent me a press release and some preview art for his fun-filled wrestling webcomic BAMN.  Peep...

A list of the characters in that DARE: SHOOK cover concept from my sketchbook archives

Nobody asked me who the characters were in this drawing when I posted it on Twitter, but I will geek out about my art even if you don't, so here's a list- top to bottom, left to right- of characters in this drawing of teen action hero Darius "Dare" Davidson.

That damn @DanLish1... ain't Nuthin' ta f*!k wit...

As an illustrator learning to better myself through positive thinking, I've learned not to compare my work to that of other artists.  For example, I NEVER EVER measure myself against the brilliance produced by dudes like Brighton-based drawing machine Dan Lish.  'Cause THAT mofo can draw his ASS off...

"Riddick" and more drawings by birthday boy, Tony Delane Morris! (((airhorn)))

Riddick by Tony Delane Morris
Just wanted to wish a quick happy 50th birthday to Dallas area cartoonist and caricaturist Tony Delane Morris.  No better way to do that than by sharing some of his incredible, fun-filled drawings. So for starters, peep this fresh drawing of Vin Diesel as everyone's favorite unstoppable antihero, Riddick. Dope, right? More below...

New CAGE AND FIST comic by @DavidWalker1201 and @SanfordGreene shows what @MARVEL is getting right (and wrong)

NOTE: Luke Cage doesn't like being called Powerman anymore, so I will be referring to the new  Powerman and Iron Fist series by David Walker and Sanford Green as Cage and Fist.  You should too...

That dude @KharyRandolph dropped some dope ass sketches at #C2E2!!!!

 I didn't make it to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo this year because poverty, but one of our favorite artists, the mighty Khary Randolph (BLACK, Starborn, Charismagic), was in full effect.  He shared these sketch joints on social media, and I HAD to bless you with 'em in case you are poor like me.

John Shaft is sick of that bullshit money...

As a freelancer I can tell you... Nothing is worse than being known for providing excellent work in a kind of gig you hate doing.  Feeling stuck earning bullshit money.  David Walker and Dietrich Smith evoke the struggle in Shaft: Imitation of Life #2...

Recently discovered the video for the @SeanPrice single "Haraam"...

Y'all already know I fux with RUCK, aka the late great Sean Price, right? Right.  So, I ran across Haraam on a mixtape promoting his album Mic Tyson a few years ago, but I had no idea there was a video for it until YouTube rolled into it while I was writing that post about King Kong...  Now this shit is in heavy rotation at Starbucks the GhettoManga office! 

In stores TODAY: Zander Cannon's KAIJUMAX: Season One trade paperback

I haven't read nearly enough of Zander Cannon's work, but I LOVED his work on SMAX (no relation), the spinoff of Alan Moore's superhero cop drama TOP TEN.  Cannon is an incredible cartoonist,so based on this preview I think i need to get my hands on this KAIJUMAX paperback...

#nowplaying "OUT TO WIN (Wonder Breed remix)" by Sivion (featuring Manchild and Macho Ortega)

Just ran across this remix of Out To Win (from Sivion's album Group Therapy) by some dude named Wonder Breed. It's dope. Peep...

For all the anthro fans: THE MIGHTY ZODIAC #1 from @OniPress

Check out this short preview of The Mighty Zodiac #1, the new anthro comic by J. Torres, Corin Howell and Maarta Laiho.

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