OH SNAP! New NUMBER13 in the works?!?

So you know I'm already geeking on Robert Love from the new Dark Horse project Children of the Plague he's been teasing about. Now I'm bugging about this new Number13 page he leaked on Facebook this week!

a few words about pioneering cartoonist and entrepreneur Jackie Ormes, w/portrait by @RobertTRES Liu-Trujillo

Arie Monroe first introduced me to the story of Jackie Ormes, the first black female cartoonist, a few years ago. But this week,  one of my contributors shared a link to the BNP/CBLDF article on Jackie's career on the Facebook page, and then my dude TRES posted this portrait of her on his blog... so I just had to go looking for more info on Jackie, cause I'm a nerd like that...

You had me at "Red Sonja and the Nubile Barbarians"...

I come close to posting about Red Sonja all the time, but stop short of doing it, but this banger from Dynamite's Red Sonja 1973 has a sista with a fro holding a sword nonchalantly, so... yeah

You like badass chicks, right? Check out @BOOMstudios' punk-rock Trade Paperback CURB STOMP!

Before I forget, here's a preview of that Curb Stomp trade paperback BOOM! is dropping this week...

Okay... I'm fiending for Robert Love's upcoming @DarkHorseComics book CHILDREN OF THE PLAGUE!

 That dude Robert Love (Chocolate Thunder, Blind Monkey Style, Number 13) is at it again. This time he's getting all post- apocalyptic on your ass in his upcoming Dark Horse comic book Children of the Plague. I couldn't find any real info on the series, so here is a small sample of random shits I culled from Robert's Facebook photos...

#MusicToDrawTo "Beat Reel 33" by @th3oryhazit, and some love for the mighty Richard Pryor (rip)

Theory Hazit is one of my favorite young emcees, but it's easy to forget he makes beats as well.  On Beat Reel 33, Hazit passes the mic to late, great stand up philosopher Richard  Pryor.

The wait is OVER! #BrothermanRevelation is HERE!

Fuck it! I'm in a mood for some ODB...

I'm a positive black man.  I don't want any trouble.  But life is fucking with me right now, and I don't appreciate that shit. Therefore, in the interest of not putting my foot in someone's ass, I'ma listen to some ODB.  Feel free to join me.  Just check yourself, 'lest you wreck yourself...

5 comic book artists I would PAY to work on their OWN comics

Everyone has been fantasizing about what they would do if they won the Powerball, which was over a billion dollars until a handful of people won it last week. Of course, I would put money into perfecting my self-publishing machine, but I would also devote a good portion of it to invest in comic book artists who create comics I want to read, but that I probably won't get to read because artists either have day jobs, or wind up getting sidetracked into working on projects for other people.  Eff what you heard! The only thing missing from the black comix underground is money! And if I had the money, I'd put it where my mouth is. Here's five easy bets...

"Is @THEREALBANNER Muslim or Christian? IT DOESN'T MATTER MOTHAFUCKA Cause I'm BACK on a mission!"

There are Fantastic Four and Masters of the Universe references, a dope Malcolm X sample, and a whole shitload of knowledge spit over a  grinding Gensu Dean beat in this new David Banner video The Cross. So you know I'm LOVING it...

A Handy Dandy Guide for our friends in Open Carry States

Open Carry by
This one-page comic by the Houston-based cartoonist had me dying so I had to share it.  I am not in favor of the upgrade from Concealed Weapons permits to Open Carry laws, which allow people to proudly rock their shootin' irons in public, but I am not really alarmed by them, either...

All Hail the MurFuggin QUEEN!

Like everybody else here in the Dallas hip hop constituency, we at GhettoManga have nothing but respect for the feminine authority of our homegrown empress, the mighty Erykah Badu. So we bet she is laughing the loudest at this hilarious video by hip hop humorist Crank Lucas. At least, we HOPE she is... because WE are definitely dying over here...

#np "NEW YORK RAP" by DLP f/ Napoleon Da Legend, Fred the Godson, Dro Pesci

"Fuck pursuit of happiness; 
we pursuing the next dollar."
-Napoleon Da Legend
 * Napoleon always brings you that knowledge:
The 'founding fathers' knew 'the pursuit of happiness' was flimsy, so the Constitution verbiage dropped it in favor of "Life, Liberty, and Property". Anyways...

"I didn't think I could miss." -Meadowlark Lemon, on career 70% shooting accuracy. #rip

I was not into sports as a kid, but I eventually became nuts for basketball, and part of the credit (blame?) for that rest firmly on the broad shoulders of George "Meadowlark" Lemon III, the self-styled Clown Prince of Basketball. Before Jordan, Iverson, or Lebron could get my attention, I was introduced to Meadowlark as a child in the seventies, when he was the star of the Harlem Globetrotters cartoon shows (his character was voiced by Scatman Caruthers, but I didn't know that at the time), and their many appearances on Scooby-Doo.

My favorite nerdcore emcee @DaShade is getting his Kylo Ren on in this new video for "The Most Magnificent"

I drew Darth Moonbeam back in April for Austin-based emcee, actor, fight choreographer, indie film maker Da'Shade Moonbeam. Son is very knowledgeable in the ways of the Force, so with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I guess he was inspired to pull out his light-saber this for this updated video to his song The Most Magnificent.

#nowPlaying "Pure Poverty" by Poor Righteous Teachers #classic #hipHop

Now that I'm officially unemployed again, I need some good music while I do some freelance work, and found this playlist of Poor Righteous Teachers' sophomore album Pure Poverty. I bought this one after being blown away by their debut record Holy Intellect.

A chat with Lyrics Born

by GhettoManga contributor Michael Lagocki
 On Friday afternoon I had a nice surprise, a phone call from Lyrics Born. I've been a fan of his for some time and really respect the Quannum crew of lyricists he came up with (among them, The GIft of Gab, perhaps my all time favorite MC).

Venomous2000 made a video to my favorite song of the year!

That dude Venomous2000 blessed me yesterday with his new video for The Great Escape, my favorite song off Will To Power, the album he released earlier in the year. Check it out below.

"Oh, Jay..." by @samaxAmen and @Doctor_Hue

I've got tons of things to draw. TONS! For money, that is! But I decided I would draw this comic strip tonight because... I... deserved it? Whatever, I wanted to, okay?!  Just read it. It's funny and shit...


Social commentary. Undeniable hip hop style. Hacker-hero badasses. Yeah, I fux with that Digital Slang, homie...

So what did you think of the Jessica Jones trailer?

I finally watched the new trailer for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Netflix joint Jessica Jones.  Jessica Jones is a retired superhero who pays her bills as a private detective on the men streets of Hell's Kitchen. My main interest in Jessica Jones is her involvement with my dude Luke Cage (who will appear on her show before getting his own show) and the close geographical relationship to Daredevil, the wildly popular Netflix show that paved the way for this one...

Gza's magnum opus "Liquid Swords" finally reaches ONE MILLION copies sold.

Nuff Respect to the GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, whose classic album Liquid Swords recently reached the platinum threshold...

Start the day off right with Bavu Blakes and Element7D (collectively known as World Trade)

I've found that if you face who you are
The hustle's that much simpler to do
The possibilities are to the stars
Despite what they done told you
Baby you can show, oooooo...
(do it, do it)

In Stores Now- TECH JACKET #11 by @JoeKeatinge and @KharyRandolph

Before The Walking Dead turned Kirkman into a television personality, he launched a few comic books (including his sci-fi space hero comic Tech Jacket), looking to expand on the success of what was (at that time) the feel-good story of his career: Invincible. Of course, when AMC turned his post- zombie- apocalyptic opus into a small-screen smash, his priorities shifted along with his tax bracket.  Freed from the need to write a gajillion books to keep the lights on, Kirkman has gone mogul, hiring writers to keep the secondary titles rolling.
Tech Jacket is pretty fresh. Post-Kirkman, the ongoing Tech Jacket series is written by Joe Keatinge (Glory) with art by Khary (rhymes with Atari) Randolph (Starborn, Charismagic). Peep...

Random Rap Shit- "Best in Show" by P.CASSO, @VonPea & @HomeboySandman, PLUS a super sick cypher!

I never heard of this dude P.CASSO, but the word nerd flow made me do a double take while I was drawing, so I figured I'd share this video for Best in Show (f/Von Pea and Homeboy Sandman)...

"This isn't a mudhole. It's an operating table. And I'm the Surgeon." -the Goddamn Batman.

Ran across this screencap on Twitter recently. It's from an episode of Batman: The Animated Series called Legends of the Dark Knight that paid homage to three different eras of Batman's pop culture history. This segment is a shout out to the gloriously vicious mudhole brawl from Frank Miller's industry-bending graphic serial The Dark Knight Returns.

#nowPlaying Roc Marciano "Snow" f/@SeanPrice (@RobViktum remix) #riP!

Sigh... I get periodically bummed about the recent passing of the mighty Sean Price. My dude Rob Viktum feels me... Here's a remix he did of that Roc Marciano joint Snow that Ruck featured on...

My FAVORITE comic right now: PREZ by Mark Russell, Ben Caldwell, Mark Morales, and Jeremy Lawson from @DCCOMICS

 I was asked recently what my favorite comic was, and at the time, I had only read the first issue of PREZ- the unlikely rise of nineteen year old fast food worker Beth Ross to the highest political office in America- but it was still the best comic I was reading. Now that issue three is in stores, I'd say this hilarious satire of politics, celebrity, and social media culture is still the best comic I'm reading now.  Check out some sample pages from each of the first three joints...

"I'm a work in progress. Came a long way from the jerk in the projects." @SeanPrice #riP!

My Twitter bredren Snake Plisskin dropped this Sean Price joint on my timeline a couple days ago. Also, I've been thinking of Simonson ever since I drew that Black Panther vs Thor joint for Jack Kirby's born day. Also Sean Price drops a Thor reference in Haraam, which I also posted because this is GhettoManga, son...

Help me wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to legendary Chicago emcee PROFOUND, by checking out his new video & album!

Today in observance of Chicago-based emcee Profound's bornday, peep his new video Heart of the Streetz (w/ a sick beat by NO ID), the first single off his album 4DaLove.

That dude Sean Mack supplied art for this hilarious low budget live action superhero spoof BLACK ANGUS

Malik Matthews was not much of a man, and when he gets superpowers, he's not much of a superhero, either. But the origin/debut episode of Black Angus -the low budget webseries that will follow the exploits of this plain-clothes crime fighter- is a hilarious parody of superhero tropes seasoned with hip hop style and irreverence.

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