Any of you folks reading "Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess"? Because it looks DOPE!

 Just realized it's been way too long since I mentioned PRINCELESS, which follows the further adventures of self-rescuing princess Adriene and friends. Here's a preview from Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess #2...

Finally checked out that new(ish) @BodegaBrovas video Freshest Facade (with extra crooning by the homie @Astronautalis)

"My analysis of life can be a little extreme.
Others think I'm living large, but things ain't what they seem..."

Children's book review- AIDA by Leontyne Price, illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon

I bought a copy of Aida, a hardcover children's book by Leontyne Price and illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon, a while back at Half-Price Books as an art nerd/good dad impulse buy, but never read it.  Last night my six year old daughter fished it out of her tub o' books for some bedtime reading, and we nestled up and gave it a go.

Your man Ron Wimberly attacks GMOs with "Gratuitous Ninja: Tangerine"

 I was just saying something about artists being activists by nature earlier today... Nobody is living it better than the mighty D-Pi (the IRS calls him Ron Wimberly), who fired off this classic Gratuitous Ninja short as a salvo against Genetically Modified Foods. Before you brand him a bandwagon jumper, you should know Gratuitous Ninja: Tangerine was first published in 2002...

Prince Paul talks greatest misses, and Young Zee responds to Eminem on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio podcast!

Them dudes Montana and Menace dropped a new episode of Conspiracy Radio, recorded on Friday the 13th. This features some great new music, as well as interviews with Necro, Young Zee and an incredible Q & A with the mighty Prince Paul! Paul talks about coming out of the bleachers to release new music with J-Zone and Sacha Jenkins as SUPERBLACK...

Like Badass chicks? WHO DOESN'T?! Check out this preview of CURB STOMP #1, tough guy!

Don't look now, but I might be in love with Violet Volt...

Felipe Smith binges on Spirits of Vengeance in GHOST RACERS (a Secret Wars Joint)

 Wow, I've only been checking for a few Marvel books, and one of them is Felipe Smith's ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER. I'm a huge fan of the assorted Spirits of Vengeance, so I'm cool with BATTLE WORLD: GHOST RACERS, which brings all our favorite hot heads together for a road-rage free-for-all!

FELIPE SMITH takes over art chores on ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER!!!

When Marvel announced that one of my favorite indy cartoonists - namely international man of mystery Felipe Smith (MBQ,Peepo Choo)- was writing  their ALL- NEW GHOST RIDER relaunch, I was of two minds. I mean, yeah he was gonna have dope art provided by that dude Tradd Moore of Luther Strodefame, but how dope would it be if Felipe was drawing Marvel's flaming anti-hero?
Well, now we can see how dope it would be...

#nowPlaying ''Hellraisers'' by DMC, Chuck D, PMD, MC Serch, Terminator X, DJ Eclipse & Big KO

The Brand New Old School Hip Hop Show returns with the video for Hellraisers, an old school posse cut featuring some of my favorite rappers from my teenage years (and snippets of Ed Piskor's comic Hip Hop Family Tree). Yeah, I'm old...

HOLY CRAP! This new Playdough joint "Saint Dangle" is my SHEET!

"Preparing tables in the sight of my enemy
Dallas making dead presidents, word to John F Kennedy."

#MusicToDrawTo "MONSTER" Produced by the mighty Sol Messiah

Quick Random Review: "SALIMBA" by Steve Perry and Paul Chadwick

Peep this 24 page (p)review of BAAKO, the new all-ages fantasy graphic novel by brilliant young cartoonist Joshua Covey!

Here's the first chapter of BAAKO Volume 1, the kickstarter-funded debut graphic novel from Joshua Covey (FREELANCERS). If you've never heard of Josh before, that's fine because this is the REAL Joshua Covey right here. Kick your feet up and get familiar...

Read the first issue of Larime Taylor's A VOICE IN THE DARK: GET YOUR GUN here! Issue two is in stores now.

 I never read Larime Taylor's serial killer soap opera A Voice in the Dark before today, but this cover to A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun #1 caught my eye, and the sales pitch said it was a good jumping on point for new readers. So I jumped on. Did I mention the whole first issue was posted online by the publisher, Top Cow? Yeah... free comics...

Peep the new video for "The Music" by @Venomous2000 (produced by @Dj_Keal)

That dude Venomous2000 celebrated the New Year like an emcee should. No, he didn't catch a murder charge! Rappers going to jail is so 2014, son! Instead, he dropped a new video for The Music, the fresh new single from his latest album, A Moment To Reflect 3. Peep...

Graphic Novel Review- LEGEND OF THE MANTAMAJI by Eric Dean Seaton and Brandon Palas

I recently got my hands on the first two volumes of Legend of the Mantamaji, an epic urban fantasy which follows the transformation of Elijah Alexander from a young and ambitious assistant district attorney into a warrior of mythical proportions. 

Mos Def and Busta Rhymes, on New Years Resolutions... sorta

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Well... I don't have any money... but you know what I mean!

There's still a couple days left in 2014, but these concept drawings of the upcoming kid monster comic NIGHT BOY by Damian Duffy and BLACK KIRBY (aka Stacey Robinson and John Jennings) have me fiending to see it drop in 2015...

See, this is why I fux wif @VonPea! #nowWatching the video for "CHASING AMY"... album, beat and video by @OTHERGUYSMUSIC

Okay, all my A-alikes have seen and digested the low-budget Kevin Smith classic Chasing Amy so we know where this video for Chasing Amy aka In Your Heart is going, but knowing the mighty Von Pea has seen it too gives one of my favorite under-appreciated Brooklyn spitters bonus points with me, should he ever need to cash them in. Anyways, watch the new video...

"Time to take action. Now not later. Some cops be on some terrorist shit like Al Queda..." @Headkrack

Tired of hearing about a new incident of rogue cops choking/beating/shooting brothers to death everyday? Who isn't? Headkrack is, if this new joint Track Me Down is any indication...

"Rise In Power" Mike Brown speedpaint by Dawud @Anyabwile, beats and rhymes by @DISTRAKT

The mighty Dawud Anyabwile (Brotherman) dropped this speedpaint video for Rise In Power, his tribute to Michael Brown on the internet over the weekend, with audio assist from Colorado-based emcee/producer DISTRAKT.
Peep the speedpaint vid and final piece below...

And now, a STEVEN UNIVERSE interlude...

The Secret Origin of JOHN SHAFT begins HERE!!! or... Preview SHAFT #1 by @DavidWalker1201 and @BilquisEvely

 We've all been chomping at the bit waiting on Dynamite's new SHAFT series by indie phenom David F. Walker (BadAzzMofo, Super Justice Force, Number 13) for a minute, so I'm fired up to show you this preview, which includes a gang of variant covers and sweet as folk interior art by Bilquis Evely, who I'm sure will be a household name before you know it...

#NowPlaying the new video/single "BOX GOD" by @Venomous2000. PLUS peep his new album A MOMENT TO REFLECT VOL 3!

"2000 years finally making up for Kharma
Be a force like Marcus Garvey, taking chinks in the armor..."

Don't forget CAPTAIN AMERICA and the MIGHTY AVENGERS #2 comes out this week!

 I still haven't read Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1 yet, so there's a lot about the concept I will hafta leave unsaid. Having said that, check out this preview of the second issue...

"If they kick us out, then who cares? We takin' this party to Chipotle!" -Playdough

The Brand New Old School Video Show (powered by Playdough and Sean Patrick's album GOLD TIPS) is back, via the new video Off the Wall, with special guests Social Club...

"Big Trouble in Little China" speedpaint by Sean Mack AKA @ShizukaSam

My Black Comix bredren Sean Anthony Mack (Revolutionary Times) was flexing his Sketchbook Pro game on his iPad while watching Big Trouble in Little China the other day, one thing led to another, and now here's this speed paint video...

Check out this preview of STORM #5 (also #4 cuz I'm late...)

While I was off doing the whole "working poor" thing, Storm has been getting her goddess on, doing good deeds all around the globe. But it looks like her long-time teammate and friend Wolverine died or something, so we get to see that Ororo handles grief a little bit differently via these previews from issues 4 and 5...

Werewolf Family Values: Dynamite returns Patricia Briggs' "MERCY THOMPSON" Novel series to comics!

 New York Times’ bestselling author Patricia Briggs has written a new story set in the world of her MERCY THOMPSON novels called Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly. Here's some preview art from the first two issues...

NEAT! Check out this SPACE-GIRLS COLORING BOOK by GhettoManga contributor Rick Evans!

 Hey, it looks like my dude Rick Evans (Obscurum) has a new coloring book available!

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