It's been a long time coming on some Sam Cooke isht, but it looks like the long awaited return of Ceasar Hallelujah, the mighty man monster Sharknife (one k, no spaces) is finally upon us in the form of Sharknife: Double Z... peep some random pages snatched from the megalodon sized jaws of the internets...

Sharknife is the kind of comic that would give my wife a headache, but gets me all giggly... In case you've never read the original OGN, Sharknife is the story of Caesar Hallelujah, a busboy who transforms into the superhero monster killer Sharknife to defend his ladyfriend Chieko's restaurant, the Guangdong Factory, from the monsters incubating within it's walls. 
There are also lots of gangsters (like fabulously named characters Jeauh Yeah and Ombra Revenga) who match wits and super-energetic videogame style martial arts moves with our hero as well. I could not be happier to see Corey get this book out. Sharknife: Double Z (and a reprint volume of Sharknife: Stage First) will come out in comic shops that don't suck on March 28th. 
If your shop sucks, click here to preorder it on Amazon.

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