NEW VIDEO- "HOT DAMN" by Venomous2000 & Trilian

Yeah, you should already know this song Hot Damn, because I should have already dropped my review of Venomous2000 & Trilian's dope ass collabo album Sounds of the Great Ones.  But I didn't.  So you don't.  Blaming me is not gonna fix anything, so let's just dive into the new video, and we can all agree that I helped by showing it to you...
The blahzay blah:
Venomous2000 & Trilian presents their second official music video from the album, "Sounds of the Great Ones". Hot Damn is an ode to the Hip-Hop culture, laced with lyrics, bass, graffiti, and cuts. The video features guest appearances by Poet Substratum, MTA (Mass Transit Artists), B.A., Tone, Mystic, Flan, RhinoCMZ, Dodge, Big Joker and Big Brotha Trey. The New Jersey natives all come correct over the Trilian produced track, accentuated with cuts by DJ Trickalome. Filmed on location in Newark, NJ (Brick City), the NJ representatives demonstrate how 'live' they still are!

Venomous is one of my favorite emcees.  He has a firm grip on the most valuable tool of master rhymers: dichotomy. Venomous can comfortably put high concepts and familiar down-to-Earth tropes on the same track.  He has the self-centrism that makes rap braggadocio fun to listen to, alongside a communal mindset that leads him to draft other emcees for features.  He celebrates New Jersey's place in hip hop history, and yet recruits rhymers, producers, and deejays from any and everywhere hip hop thrives to get down with him on his records.

All that shit is on display on Sounds of the Great Ones, but you can see it in the HOT DAMN video, which features venerated Jersey crew The Artifacts, a hot verse from Tiye Phoenix, and cuts by DJ Trickalome, over a beat produced, mixed, and mastered by Serbian beatsmith Trilian.  While we're talm'bout videos, here's PSALMS 76, the first video from Sounds of the Great Ones:

That's what I call Venomous's "I go hard" flow.  Rewind that track often for more jewels you missed the first twenty times.  But be quick about it, He's headed out for a European tour next week.

Anyways, I'm pro'ly gonna include a more in-depth review of Sounds of the Great Ones in the next issue of the magazine, so be on the lookout for that.  For now, I recommend you to click here to cop it on bandcamp!
Have great day!

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