I didn't care about THOR: RAGNAROK, but then I saw the trailer...

I was not particularly interested in THOR: RAGNAROK... until I watched this trailer.  Now, I'm on board like Tony Hawk...

I remember when EMPIRE published a bunch of photos, including reveals of short-haired Thor, I was unimpressed to say the least.  But to be fair, I had not seen the first two THOR movies at that time, although I did enjoy Thor in the Avengers movies.  So maybe I just didn't feel the urgency for watching this one.  Since then, I watched THOR: Dark Universe on DVD and it wasn't bad.  Still wasn't horribly fired up for RAGNAROK.  But then Hulk.

Actually, this trailer was already triggering my Walt Simonson fandorphins with Hela and the Executioner, but having Hulk in the gladiator arena pushed it into the red.  I am already in line for this shit now.  This trailer shows the beauty of bringing a shared universe to the screen.

Props to Earvaders for getting me fired up for RAGNAROK via Twitter.  We're already talm'bout it over there, so feel free to jump in.  Meanwhile, I might have to dig out some old Simonson THOR comics.

Have great day!

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