A few cuss words about the THOR: RAGNAROK trailer, plus my drawing of Thor for those who missed it...


Pardon my French or whatever, but that THOR RAGNAROK trailer got me fucked up... That's right! I dropped an F BOMB on your monkey ass! BOOM!  I was not this fired up when the first two THOR movies came out in theaters, but after seeing them and watching the first couple RAGNAROK trailers, I have come around to "I'll be the first in line" status for this one.   Even though they have changed a lot of the details from what happened in the comics (no blonde, blue-eyed Valkyrie), Marvel has stayed true to the spirit of their greatest stories with these movies, and generally eating the Distinguished Competition's lunch as a result.

I was a huge fan of THOR when I was a kid, when Walt Simonson was at the reigns as writer and artist of the book.  These trailers are pushing all the right buttons for me, really taking it back to the essence of why I love these characters in the first place.  Ragnarok is basically Armageddon for Asgardians, where Thor needs the help of friends and foes alike to battle the most cosmic entities Asgardian lore has to offer.  And if this movie is anything like the comics that inspire it, it's gonna be epic as fuck.

I am really excited to see this.  How about you?  Are you feeling the new trailer, or do you see something here you don't like?  Either way, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on social media.

OH YEAH!  Here's the drawing of Thor I drew for #FanArtFriday. 
Since no one bought it on Friday, CLICK HERE to join my email list and make sure you note your interest in Fan Art, and I'll send out instructions on Monday for how you can Win this drawing for FREE.  My list is still relatively small, so your chances of winning are pretty good!


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